Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why We Love Payday Loans in Wedding Season

Whilst it is for many the happiest day of their lives, a wedding can come at considerable cost, an average of £25,000 in fact. Apart from buying a house it is often the biggest expense that couples undertake together. Naturally, this can mean added financial pressure at a time when they only won't think about the gorgeous dress or memorable stag do. Little wonder that with fewer major banks than ever lending to us through personal loans and overdrafts, many couples are turning to payday loan companies as a perfect solution.
Couples may have already set aside some money for the happy event, but inevitably as the big day looms larger, unforeseen expenses arise. You may have to choose a pricier wedding DJ, or change the menu, or simply find yourself a little short of what the budget requires. This is where payday loans are invaluable.
Payday loans lend money with the minimum of hassle and fuss - you simply pay back the loan on your next payday. So there is no need to worry if the wedding or honeymoon falls in the middle of the month when you don't get paid to the end. A payday loan can bridge that gap and let you enjoy the high points in life as they happen.
The same applies to the mother and father of the bride of course. During the wedding season, parents who are footing the bill for their daughter's wedding are often happy to consider anything that can help with cash-flow. A payday loan can remove the awful anxiety that comes with money being tight on such an important day.
The wedding season, with its engagement parties, hen and stag dos and the day itself, is a fun time but can also be one when the wedding guests could do with a little extra help. No one wants to let down friends or family by skimping when you should be celebrating, so a payday loan can prove extremely welcome. For a lot of people, it means the difference between able to attend the hen weekend or not, or to buy the first-choice wedding present, or to buy that special hat for the ceremony.
Sound far-fetched? Well, the average cost of a wedding gift is £70 for close family, whilst the average Briton spends more than £7,500 on other people's weddings during their lifetime. That can work out to be a lot of money per wedding, so it is not surprising that cash-flow has to be kept healthy.
Payday loans were designed for exactly such eventualities as a wedding. Based on what you can afford, yet usually approved online with no paperwork, they can be the most convenient and stress-free way to get hold of extra cash. Whether you are the bride-to-be, a proud father, or a guest who is keen to enjoy the best day possible, it is worth thinking "Do I need a payday loan?" The answer could well be "I do."

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